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Food is a joy of life. Often, it is where we find similarities, and know we are with the right people. Friends have food when they want to have fun, lovers have food when they want to bond with each other. As for family, food is nurturing, comforting and sometimes, disciplinary. Yes, we are talking about the times when you were forced to eat vegetables as kids. While society is inventing new methods to have food produced as conveniently as possible, cooking is still the most meaningful way to express love and caring with your family. 

Let us take you on a cooking journey with our Home Cooking Show. Whether you are new to cooking and still learning, or you are a seasoned cook who prepares food on a daily basis; you will find enjoyment in the show.

The Home Cooking Show is not only where our supporters come to find instructions on how to handle their foods, but also a place to explore the Vietnamese culture and expand your horizon of culinary knowledge.

On the show, we will take you to the streets of Northern Vietnam then experience the rustic flavor in Vietnam Foods. Then, we will visit the Central side where the food is bold and the people are tough. The show will end in the Southern of Vietnam, where foods are dynamic.

Join this journey with us and see the side of Vietnam that you have never seen before !

Watch our first episode here: Bun Cha Ha Noi

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