LU Simple Petit Beurre Veritable Wheat Crackers 200 G


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"Say Bonjour With Lu Veritable Wheat Crackers"

  • It have a simple but yet creamy taste to the crackers.
  • Simple but yet powerful ingredients that will capture your heart literally.
  • Different type of dibbing sauce that goes really well with this crackers espically guacamole.
  • Made in France.
  • At Bolsabuy we love to service our customer with care.
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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in
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“Veritable Petit Beurre Wheat Crackers”

We love snacks. It comes in different type of sizes and variety of either sweet or salty snacks but most people love to be healthy this is why let us at Bolsabuy introduce you to Lu simple petit beurre vegetable wheat crackers. This product is quite unique because this cookies is manufacture in french and we all know that how good quality is all the french cookies really is. The quality of the product is not all of the unique side of this crackers, Lu wheat crackers also have an light but creamy taste to it. The combination with this wheat cracker is phenomenal.

The ingredients that flour, wheats, eggs, sugar all of this ingredients is simple yet powerful due to the way that these crackers where produce. The quality of this product is really being manage by LU quality control team and it being hand pick by the most precise batch of ingredients. Before the product were being product the crackers were being test closely for it up to standard. Lu have to be quite precise for every action that they do to be able for making these perfect wheat crackers. We love to serve our customer with the most known product for the health safety.

The taste of this crackers is really distinguish from the other wheat crackers. The reason is even though it doesn’t have that much of an impact flavor that really pops out but the taste it plain but yet sweet. The crackers have a bit of crunches but the inside it quite soft and creamy due to the butter. This cracker is not limited to only snacks but it could be eat with marshmellow and chocolate and you will have yourself some “healthy” s’more.

This product have a lot variety of combination with other dishes. Like for example you could dib this crackers to variety of different sauce like sour cream sauce, salsa, cheese, guacamole. Even though this is an french crackers but the product itself could combine with other region dibbing sauce like spanish, mexican and even the U.S. You could eat this crackers in any type of situation like when you feel a little bit hungry and wanted some quick snacks or even when you want something to feel a little bit quick and boost your energy. You could also eat this during picknic or through out the days.

In the Asian supermarket this wheat crackers is quite popular due to it made in French and it also quite tasty.

At Bolsabuy we love ourself some wheat crackers.


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Weight 0.42 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in


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LU Simple Petit Beurre Veritable Wheat Crackers 200 G

LU Simple Petit Beurre Veritable Wheat Crackers 200 G