Let’s Talk about Our VIP Membership.

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The VIP Membership Program is our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers. BolsaBuy was established with the mission to fill the need for Asian Grocery Shopping. We wanted to reach to those who want to enjoy and cook Asian food but lack the time, or nearby store to shop for the necessary ingredients. That being said, we will not be to sustain and run this dream without our users’ endless support. Therefore, we have proudly created the VIP Membership Program to let our long-time customers know that we are delightfully happy to have their trust.

With the VIP Membership Program, our loyal consumers will be able to shop at lower prices. The bigger the total amount of the order, the more they will save !

We have two tiers of qualification:

  1. Customers with 2 – 3 times purchases, 10% discount code with the limit of one usage
  2. Customers with 4+ times purchases, 10% discount code with the limit of two usages

For those who are qualified, we will send your discount codes through emails.

We thank you for your ever-lasting support !

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