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From “vinut juice with pulp”to “coconut water” both of these products are both unique and contain organic ingredients.  Both of these products provide benefit gain from natural and organic ingredients. Best drink at any time!

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    THP Refreshing Zero Degree Lemon Green Tea / Tra Xanh Khong Do 455 Mil

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    “Feel Icy Refreshing Cold With Zero Degree Green Tea”

    Ingredients: Water, Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Green Tea, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid , Sodium Citrate , Natural Lemon Flavor.

    Products are manufactured with the modern Japanese technology line, completely self-contained and highly sterilized, thus ensuring the health safety for users.

    Tra Xanh Khong Do / Zero Degree Green Tea is extracted from the fresh green tea leaves of Thai Nguyen, where the climate – weather – soil harmonizes with the high quality of the green tea fields; combined with Aseptic close-production technology to help preserve the natural taste of the product, keep it pathogen-free and preserve the nutrients.

    Tra Xanh Khong Do / Zero Degree Green Tea has the aroma of fresh tea leaves, the sweet taste. The product does not contain harmful preservatives and artificial colorants, so you can be absolutely assured when consuming.

    Product of Vietnam.

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    Chaokoh Coconut Water 33.8 Oz

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    Singing Bird Yanang Leaves Juices 14 Oz

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    VIETCOCO Coconut Water 35.26 OZ

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    YEO’S Lychee Drink 8.8 OZ 6-PK

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