Introduction of The Home Cooking Show Presented By

Introduction of The Home Cooking Show Presented By

At BolsaBuy, we believe in the timeless values of family, which can be many things. A place to return, a nest to grow in, a waterfall of joy and memories,…are among a few of them. But nothing says family louder than a tender home-made meal that softens the heart and warms the soul. That is why not only do we vow to deliver the building pieces of your family meals to your doors; but we also have created the Home Cooking Show, to present our take on how to turn those ingredients into the most profound demonstrations of love and traditions.

In the Home Cooking Show, we will take your family on a journey of Vietnamese culture and culinary history. We will start at the Northern part where the people are compassionate, and the food is simple and harmonious. Taking a walk down the streets of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, travelers will discover endless amounts of small food carts, street foods and minute grocery stores.

Then we will visit the Central part of Vietnam. Here, you will find the most hard-working farmers. Time and natural disasters have tested this place and the people in it. Perhaps, that is why their food is frugal, but bold and flavorful. The citizens in the Central tend to be minimalists, but that never stops them from enjoying a night ride on a rustic boat down the river, while singing folk songs and sipping on a cup of tea.

The Home Cooking Show train will stop at the South side of Vietnam. Many of Vietnam’s most dynamic and modern cities are located in this region. The people are complex and the flow is busy. That is why Southern cuisine has to evolve to adapt and satisfy a variety of lifestyles. Eaters gathering here have come from numerous backgrounds in Vietnam, and they have different expectations and taste in food too. Therefore, the culinary adventure in the South is sophisticated and consists of multiple layers.

If you enjoy our show, we’d love to hear your feedback and any suggestions that you might have for our next journey. In the meantime, we are still here and striving to serve you as one of the best online Asian supermarkets.

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