Food Tabs Emergency Food Ration in 10 Days 120 tabs Survival MREs for Disaster Hurricane Food Gluten Free and Non-GMO 25 Years Shelf Life – Strawberry Flavor


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  • Food Tabs
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Strawberry flavor.
  • 120 food tablets.
  • This combo will last a person for 10 days.
  • 25 year shelf life. (unopened)
  • Made in the USA
  • Contain 15 Essential 100% Vitamins and Minerals. Made with the highest quality protein. 
  • The ‘Just in Case’ Emergency Food Supply, This is backup for the situations such as emergencies & natural disasters. This is the best possible food in the smallest possible volume. Created to supply the body with all the daily essential vitamins and minerals needed when facing uncertainty. The compact design allows for easy storage and is perfect for individual emergency kits & emergency food supplies.
  • Serving Size: 12 Chewable Tablets
  • Dimensions (inches): L 8.5 x W 5.5 x D 2.75
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Contains: 120 Tablets


This package contain 100% of the U.S. RDA of 15 Essential Vitamins & Minerals. Made with the highest quality protein which is essential in survival situations where your body needs to assimilate as much as possible from what you eat. With most the food we eat 30%-60% of the calorie content leaves the body unused. They have highly concentrated formula that 99% of their calorie content is absorbed by the body with 97% of the protein content being available to repair or replacement of muscles, nerves, etc.


We have samples of product that were produced in 1974-75. They have been stored at room temperature. We test them periodically and have found little, if any, deterioration or loss of vitamin or food value. Our results showed negligible loss in these areas. Freezing temperatures will have no effect at all on these tablets. We would estimate the shelf-life is 25 years, but suggest rotating them to ensure maximum food value every 2-3 years.


Twelve 3.9 grams contains: Fat 25%, Protein 9%, Carbohydrates 58%, Iron 18 mg. (as Ferrous Fumarate), other minerals, 2% (from milk solids), and the following vitamins in percentages shown of their USRDA adult allowance. There are approximately 20 calories in a 3.9 gram tab.
Vitamin A…….. ….. 5,000 I.U…… …100%
Vitamin D…….. ….. 400 I.U. ………..100%
Vitamin E………. … 30 E.I.U. ……….100%
Thiamine (B1). ….. 1.5 mg. ………….100%
Riboflavin … ……….1.7 mg. …………100%
Niacin … ……………20.0 mg. ……….100%
Pyridoxine (B6)….. 2.0 mg. …………100%
Folic Acid … ………0.4 mg. …………100%
Vitamin B12 … ……3.0 mg. …………100%
Vitamin C … ……….60.0 mg. ………100%

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California Proposition 65 Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.For more

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When this was formulated, a host of factors were
considered in order to adapt them to their purpose as a lightweight, emergency.
Life-sustaining food ration:
1. The less intake of food, the more efficient the body becomes. Basically,
when food intake is reduced, it remains in the digestive tract longer and
assimilates more completely.
2. Generally, of the food we eat, a great deal of it is not digested and used
up as calories. The Food Tabs are 100% digestible as well as completely
assimilated by the body.
3. The quality of the food we eat is more important than the quantity. Poor
quality protein, carbohydrate and fat can put a strain on the digestive organ,
especially the kidneys.
In the Food Tabs we have used protein of a high biological value, which is 100%
utilized. This helps protect the body from cannibalism of its own protective
tissues. The fat is composed totally of fatty acids which provide the essential
ingredients of fat. The carbohydrates are of the high quality and 100% utilized
4. In 90% of all survival situations, some additional food will be available.
The Food Tabs are designed to be the Margin of Survival. For example, if one
were lost in a jungle area, one might have to find grubs, insects, berries,
small animals or whatever to eat. One would have to adapt to the circumstances
quickly until he found his way out or was rescued. The Food Tabs would be that
Margin of Survival, along with whatever one could gather, to sustain oneself as
long as necessary. Another example, would be desert or sea survival. In these
cases, little supplemental food may be available. The Food Tabs would sustain
one as long as he would expect to live normally, before being overcome by
exposure, the elements, or lack of water.

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history of the survival tabs


Evolved from the Early Space Program the Food Tabs have a long history. Back
in the 1960’s the Federal Government was searching for a food source that
could be used in specialty situations. The objective was to find a product
that would provide…”The Best Possible Nutrition in the Smallest Possible
Volume” The resulting research was extremely involved and intense, and the
product that evolved was used in the early space program. Eventually, a
tablet was perfected and used widely as an emergency food. It came to be
known as The Food Tabs 

12 Food Tabs provide 100% of the U.S. RDA of 15 Essential Vitamins & Minerals,
and that’s not all. The reason The Food Tabs are so effective, is that they are
literally jam-packed with concentrated nutrition. The protein we use is of the
highest quality only. That’s important because protein can be of varied
quality. If it is poor quality, your body will not be able to assimilate it
properly. With most food products, 30%-60% of the calorie content leaves the
body unused. Food Tabs are so completely digestible that 99% of their calorie
content can be actually utilized for energy. 97% percent of the protein content
is available for repair or replacement of essential body substances, such as
blood, muscle and nerves. Average consumption of twelve Food Tabs per day may
be decreased when other foods are available in adequate amounts and quality, or
increased in times of complete starvation or extreme physical exertion. By
placing one Food Tabs in the mouth every hour or so and letting it dissolve
slowly during a 15 minute period of time, assimilation of all nutrients will be
maximized and appetite will be fully satisfied.

25+ Year Shelf Life. The Food Tabs have been produced and packaged to last at
least 25 years. We’ve accomplished this in several ways. Number one, we have
compressed the tablets with thousands of pounds of pressure with our
specialized tablet presses. Oxygen and moisture, the arch-enemies of food,
cannot penetrate the tablets to destroy the ingredients. Number two, we use a
heavy-duty, opaque bottle to pack the Food Storage. The bottle does not allow
either light or outside oxygen to penetrate and deteriorate the product. Number
three, the closure is a specially designed screw- type lid which, along with
being screwed tight on the bottle, is sealed with tamper resistant tape.
Food Tabs are intended for those emergency conditions where a person must
travel light and live on whatever food they can actually carry with them for
weeks or even months at a time. Twelve Food Tabs per day supply a considerable
portion of the calorie requirements of an active adult. It may be assumed that
if the person living on them is required to “hole up”, their energy requirement
will be considerable reduced. When traveling across country, it may be assumed
that at least some other food will be found occasionally. Food Tabs eliminate
the risk or wasted time that might be required to actually hunt for food or go
out of one’s way to obtain it.


The Food Tabs container is of such size and shape as to fit and be carried
within a regular G.I. canteen pouch. The small empty space under the lid of
this container is filled with and extra plastic bag. If and extra water
canteen is needed, the Food Tabs can be poured out into the plastic bag and
be carried in a pocket or backpack while the container is used a canteen.


There have been several individuals who have lived on a diet of Food Tabs exclusively
for 4-5 months. This was done out of necessity, because of their inability to
eat or keep down any other foods.
In controlled studies which we have conducted, we’ve found that when living on
a diet of Food Tabs exclusively, one loses from 5-8 lbs. the first week. This
is mainly due to the emptying of the intestines of all food previously eaten.
After the first week, there is a leveling off and a minimum weight loss of 0-2
lbs. per week. This is in consideration of a normal active daily routine.
The Food Tabs are presently used by pilots, yachtsmen and other outdoorsmen,
who use them as emergency food rations, as well as an energy pick-up food
supplement. They are also popular with long-distance truck drivers who don’t
want to stop to eat.

Food Tabs are a perfect lightweight, emergency food ration for use in
survival kits – and a vast improvement over candies and other quick-energy
“fixes” that are currently used. This is a true “survival food” that will
keep you alive and moving for months on the amount you can carry in your own

The Food Tabs are a convenient, compact, lightweight, lifesaving food ration for any emergency. They are completely nutritious, have a 25+ year shelf life and are
absolutely delicious. Just let them melt in your mouth…you’ll probably chew
them up…they are so irresistibly good-tasting!

Food Tabs are the best choice because they are made in the U.S.A,
FDA inspected, Gluten Free, and Non GMO.

Non GMO Gluten Free Made In The USA

**Percent Daily Values are based on a 2.000
calories diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your
calorie needs.

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What are The Food Tabs ?

The Food Tabs are the best possible food
source in the smallest possible volume. They are designed for situations where
an immediate need for nutrition must be met or as a meal replacement for on the
go snacking. One bottle provides you with up to 15 days of nutrition.

Are The Food Tabs Tablets supposed to be
considered as a sole daily food source or in combination with a daily food

The Food Tabs can be used as a daily sole
source food if necessary. However, they were designed with the idea that there
would be other foods available either from one’s own stocks or from the land,
i.e. wildlife or fruits and vegetables. With this in mind, the The Survival Dry
Food could be used to fill in when things were lean. Nonetheless, they can
sustain a person for an extended period of time. How long, depends on many factors,
including the person’s constitution, mentality and activities.

What industry professionals use Food Tabs ?

The Food Tabs are used by office workers,
firemen, long distance truckers, professional athletes, cyclists, marathon
runners, and military personnel as an emergency survival food or on the go meal
replacement. They are many other industries that The Food Tabs can be
beneficial too as well. They are the perfect compact food source for anyone.

What are some examples of everyday use for The Food Tabs ?

The Food Tabs are popular with busy moms who
need a boost of energy without the crash caused by energy drinks. Students use
them to keep their energy up and brains alert during study sessions and hectic
class schedules. Office workers who often miss a meal rely on them for a
sustainable energy snack. Hardcore (video) gamers also love the fast nutrition
The Food Tabs provide for them without having to pause or leave their

What are some examples of outdoor use for
The Food Tabs ?

The Food Tabs are used by food preppers,
campers, scout masters, outdoors men, survivalist, and hunters when out in the
wilderness. Their compact and lightweight design makes them ideal to have as a
food supply when camping, exploring, or hiking.

What is the main purpose of Food Tabs ?

The Food Tabs are meant to keep you alive and
going for months at a time. A person can survive 4-5 months by eating Prepping
Food exclusively. In an emergency situation, one 180-tablet bottle of
chewable tablets supplies a person with 15 days’ worth of survival food based on the
recommended consumption of 12 tablets per day. This can be stretched to a
30-day supply under extreme conditions.

What is The Food Tabs concept?

The Food Tabs are designed to provide you with
the best possible nutrition in the smallest possible volume. State of the art
development has made it possible for The Food Tabs to combine essential
nutrients with important foods into a nutrient-dense food concentrate.

How should I store The Food Tabs when
unopened; long-term?

For long term storage when unopened, keep this
bottle in a cool dry place at room temperature.

How should I store The Food Tabs once opened?

Avoid extended periods of exposure to high
temperatures, and keep the bottle closed. Also, avoid unnecessary exposure to
air once opened.

How do The Food Tabs Work?

The Food Tabs provide you with high daily nutrition in a compact and lightweight form.
The chewable tablets provide the body with 100% of the daily recommended
vitamins and nutrients needed per serving. They are so completely and quickly
digested they have a 99% absorption rate. Within five minutes of consuming the
tablets, 97% of the protein is available to repair and replace essential body
tissues and fluids. The Energy Food allow you to utilize 99% of their calorie
content for energy.

How safe are Food Tabs for your body?

The Food Tabs are the best possible source of nutrition for your body when a reliable
food source is not available. They are made using everyday ingredients that are
safe and essential for the body.

How many calories are in The Food Tabs ?

The Food Tabs provide you with 240 calories per serving of 12 tablets. This amount can
be increased to meet a higher calorie intake if you desire.

How long are The Food Tabs good for once they
are opened?

Once opened, The Food Tabs will remain usable for up to 90 days before losing
their efficacy.

How much weight loss occurs exclusively using The Food Tabs ?

When exclusively using The Food Tabs as a food source, you can may experience
5-8 pounds of weight loss in the first week, then an average of 2 pounds a
week, thereafter. This is in consideration of a normal, active daily routine.

How many Food Tabs  per day can I eat?

We recommend 12 Food Tabs a day, but you may consume more or less based on
your appetite or situation.

What ages are these intended for?

The Food Tabs are intended for anyone who can consume the chewable tablets or allow them
to dissolve in their mouth.

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Food Tabs ?

The Food Tabs provide you with 100% of the daily recommended Vitamins and minerals. For
full nutrition facts please visit our nutrition page.

What are Shelf Life and Sustainability?

We have samples of The Food Tabs that were produced in 1974-75. They have been
stored at room temperature. We test them periodically and have found little, if
any, deterioration or loss of vitamin or food value.

We have also used accelerated storage testing at higher than normal temperatures to
determine loss of food value and acceptability. Our results showed negligible
loss in these areas.

Freezing temperatures will have no effect at all on these tablets.

We would estimate the shelf-life for The Food Tabs to be 25 years.

If one wants to use these tablets for long period of time, for example 4-8 weeks with
no food, what would happen with the deficiency of other nutrients?

You could survive and sustain yourself for 4-8
weeks with the Food Tabs, but you are right, you’d be deficient in
some nutrients which we normally get from regular foods. The Food Tabs can’t
replace all the nutrition that your body needs for an extended length of time.

One tablet provides 100% of some nutrients such as Iron, Vitamin A or Vitamin C.
Twelve tablets provide 12 times of RDA?

Twelve Food Tabs supply 100% of the USRDA for practically all the vitamins and minerals
indicated on the label, with the exception of Calcium, which in order to have
100% of the RDA we’d have to make The Food Tabs as big as a golf ball.

If one has access only to The Food Tabs but enough water and no food, how long
could they survive maximum ? What would be the medical consequences or
complications for doing so ?

With just The Food Tabs and water, depending on the
circumstances of course, one could maintain oneself for 3-4 months without any
major difficulties. When Food Tabs were first developed, there was a
woman, deathly ill and expected to die soon, who could not keep anything down. Someone suggested the Food Tabs. She went on them exclusively and lived 2 years.

There was another man, who was given 2 months to live
by his doctor. He could not eat or assimilate food to any extent. He took the
Food Tabs , and lived another 6 months. These were sick people and
these were random situations, not scientific tests. We have had healthy
people go on the Food Tabs for 2 months, and the result was an
initial loss of weight of 10- 15 lbs., then a leveling off of another
10 lbs. for the duration of the time.



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Food Tabs Emergency Food Ration in 10 Days 120 tabs Survival MREs for Disaster Hurricane Food Gluten Free and Non-GMO 25 Years Shelf Life - Strawberry Flavor