FLYING LION Fish Sauce / Nuoc Mam Nhi Phu Quoc 24 FL OZ


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"Flying Lion Fish Sauce/ Nuoc Mam Nhi Phu Quoc"

  • It is the perfect balance between sweet and salty yet still has a strong aftertaste.
  • Iconic fish sauce flavor from Viet Nam that reminds you of the sea.
  • One of the most useful house products in every Asian kitchen due to its appearing in every dish.
  • The fish sauce combination with different meals is limitless.
  • Product of Hong Kong
  • At BolsaBuy we love to serve our customers with care.
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“Flying Lion Iconic Fish Sauce”

When you talked about the fish sauce you know right away that is an iconic sauce that most Asians use to make their traditional dishes. It has a distinguished taste and smell. The taste from these fish sauces some will be really strong or some are really light but Flying lion is a perfect example of the perfect balance between both worlds. It has a lot of sodium that really darkens the taste of the dishes and adds more flavor but at the same time adds a certain smell that makes you really hungry. Some people couldn’t handle the strong smell of the fish sauce but Flying lion fix the issue that most people don’t like about fish sauce.

The fish sauce could come in many and a variety of different flavors and smells. Some will be stronger than the others due to the addition of a fish added in the sauce itself. Some just like this Flying lion product doesn’t have any fish in it so the flavor is much more balanced. The sauce itself have not just one flavor it also depends on the different regional point in Viet Nam they love their fish sauce to be balanced in the south and stronger in the north since they love the flavor. In other nations, their sauce comes in a variety of different flavors especially lighter flavor but more toward the stronger smell.

The ingredients that this Flying lion use is fish extract, water, sugar, salt, and other molecular ingredients that enhance this product. Flying lion is known for their safety product and they are really precise about their activities with the safety of each and every of their product in the market. The sauce process makes take quite a long amount of time because they need to have all the flavors combined with each other and mix well with each other. All of this makes the fish sauce so much tastier and has more flavor. One unique about this product is that the original place is Phu Quoc where the tops place for fish sauce. Where people come there just to get a bottle of fish sauce due to it being a special place.

Phu Quoc is a special place that people come to visit and it is a place for people to make a specialize in the traditional anchovy sauce.

The combination of this sauce with other dishes is not limited at all. You could mix this sauce with a lot of different types of traditional dishes like pho, or just plain rice put it in a variety of different vegetables. You could use it to lighten the taste of any skewer and deeper the flavor. You could add the fish sauce to a prepared dish to boost the taste and let it rest for a while. You could taste the difference due to the time it takes for the fish sauce to combine with other ingredients in the dish. There is one dish that is really quick and convenient that uses the sauce that is fried noodles.

You just need to boil the noodles for 2 minutes and put it in a frying pan and with a little bit of seasoning pack and put a little bit of fish sauce to add more of a flavor. This leads to the dish releasing a scent that is really tempting to the eater because it tastes quite well. It will have the perfect balance between salty and sweet.

At BolsaBuy we love ourselves some iconic and original fish sauce.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 12 in

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FLYING LION Fish Sauce / Nuoc Mam Nhi Phu Quoc 24 FL OZ

FLYING LION Fish Sauce / Nuoc Mam Nhi Phu Quoc 24 FL OZ