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For us condiments are like perfect add-ins for any food from street food to regular everydays meals. The main purpose of condiments is to add more flavor to make the meals more appealing. For most condiments it’s described as a dipping sauce to go along with different types of meals. In every condiment it has its own unique from one of the five primary tastes. 

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    CHIN-SU Chili Sauce / Tuong Ot 8.82 OZ


    “Need Some Spice In Your Life? Say Yes To Chin-Su Chili Sauces”

    You want some thrill and exciting thing in your life let us introduce you to Chin-su chili sauce where it will leaves you with flames. This flame is small but it will start to grow the more you combine with other dish. This chili sauce could adds these kick of a flavor to enhance both the taste and the color of the dishes.

    Like for fry rice or fry noodles just a drop of chin-su will give you a kick of flavor and the color will be more alive.

    The ingredients is really high quality simple but yet powerful main ingredient are water, sugar, chili 110g/kg, salt, corn starch, garlic, tomato paste but they have been check by chin-su quality control team.

    The ingredients were picked on the highest hill and the ingredients will be pick by the perfect patch.

    There are different type of food it will combine perfectly that is pho, one of the most popular traditional dishes from Viet Nam. The reason behind it is with just the base stock of pho it only have a plain taste of the fat of the broth but with this flame that Chin-su chilli sauce have and plus hoisin sauce they enlighten the taste of pho and enhance it to another level
    Made in Viet Nam!

    Thank you for always support Bolsadeal.

    At Bolsabuy we love our chili spicy sauce!

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    CHIN-SU Chili Sauce / Tuong Ot 8.82 OZ

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    AH GROUP CARAVELLE Sweet Chili Sauce For Chicken / Tuong Ot Ngot 24 FL OZ (New Branding and Package)


    “Be Sweet And Spicy With Caravelle”

    Feel more balance and natural with Caravelle sweet chili sauce.

    Ingredients water, sugar, red chili, garlic, Tapioca Starch, and salt all these ingredients is quite common but it pact with these powerful flavor bomb ready to be explored.

    To build more trust in this item Caravelle have control their quality control team to pick out the most precise item and most clean ingredients.

    Made in Viet Nam.

    At Bolsadeal we love to service our customer with care.

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    BUTTERFLY Ground Chili & Garlic in Oil 8 OZ

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    KWONG HUNG SENG Sweet Soy Sauce 21 FL OZ

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    Knorr Liquid Seasoning Original 8.5 Fl Oz

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    KWONG HUNG SENG SAUCE Thin Soy Sauce 21 OZ

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